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Salon Marketing

If you are looking for some salon spa marketing ideas, then you came to the right place. We are a popular salon marketing agency in Dallas Fort Worth area, and we have worked with several salons. Here you will find many useful information  that can help you grow your salon spa business.


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Do I need a Website for Marketing my salon ?

Having a website is good, but you don’t need to !

How Many Social Media I need to Have ?

Important one for Salons are Facebook, and Instagram. If you can manage more, you can add twitter, and Youtube !

How can I keep my clients loyal ?

One strategy is customer loyalty system that can bring them back

Almost everyone has gone through the rigorous process of finding an excellent salon. You might end up spending plenty of time and effort to find a salon to trust your hair with. But how do you take advantage of this as a salon owner?

You can become well sought-after by standing out from the crowd. Following the normal practice of every other salon will make you appear mediocre. So, we are here to help you with some marketing ideas that will help you grow your customer base explosively; and here they are:

Build A Consistent Brand

Building a great brand takes time, and it’s something you must be intentional about. It would help if you exhibited consistency in every aspect of your business, starting from the name, tagline, logo, etc. Have a tactical approach to how every aspect of your business is represented.

The first impression matters a lot; therefore, you want your customers to perceive you as the right brand starting from when they find your business online to when they walk into your salon.

Allow Online Reservations

Most salons neglect this, and it supposed to be an integral part of the business. Everyone wouldn’t want to call to make a reservation, so you might be leaving money on the table by not incorporating online reservations.

You can integrate that on your website or have an active email where people could send messages to set up an appointment. If you have ignored this method before, you might want to start practicing it now.

Offer Referral Discounts

Everyone loves to get a discount while buying a product or service; therefore, you can use this incentive to get more customers. If someone considers you good enough to recommend to their friends, why not give him a little bonus.

In the real sense, he is doing free advertising for you, which helps you reduce costs. You could send them an appreciation postcard or email saying, “Thank you for recommending us to your friend, Anna! We are so happy with the kind gesture, and we will be offering you a 20% discount on your next visit. 

This serves as a morale booster, and if he/she has more friends, they will certainly send them your way. Easy-peasy, right? We thought so too.

Use Instagram To Showcase Your Services

Instagram is a great tool to show people what your business is all about. You can post videos regularly or share quick tips that could be helpful to your prospects and returning customers. By doing this, people will start perceiving you as an expert, which will drive them to engage your services.

You can also offer your clients a little bonus to create testimonial videos that you can post on your Instagram page to attract more customers. A well-crafted testimonial video will sound more convincing than trying to pitch your prospects directly.

Final Note

We are sure that you have picked up useful tips to help you boost your business. Feel free to apply them to record more sales than you can imagine.


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