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Learn how to make your next website project a winner

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A successful website project is a collaboration between client and designer

A successful website project is a collaboration between you and the design agency that you choose to work with. It’s a combination of the needs of your business and the skill and expertise of a great web design company.

Our guide features five important steps that are crucial for a winning website project. 

If you work together in tandem with your web designer on these, you’re going to end up with a project that everyone will be proud of.

Understand why your requirements should focus on your target audience
Think about why your website is an investment, not a cost to your business
Find out about SMART goals and why these are vital for your project
Consider the value added by a professional copywriter when it comes to content
Learn how to effectively give feedback that saves you time and money

Web Design

We are doing Web Design for all types of local businesses. So far, we have helped Restaurants, Salons, Doctor offices, Auto Shops, Car wash, Training Schools, Tow Truck Companies, Tree Services, Communications Service Providers, Home Inspectors, Independent Facebook and Instagram sales people, Realtors, Photographers, and Convenience Stores.

If you are looking for a local web design company in Dallas Fort Worth area, then come to us for a Free consulting. We not only design you a beautiful website, but we design it to bring you more leads, and customers.

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Client Testimonials

“We were ranked number one on many related keywords with the help of SmallBusinessHelpDFW, they made our salon on first page of Google.”

Newrain, Newrain Eyebrow Threading

“Before nobody could found us from google, and internet. Now when we asked them how you find us, they say google.”


Ali- Ali muffler and body shop

“We were approached by many seo companies, but no body drove a single call. This company brought us call in the very first week of signing up, so thank you.”


Julio- ChapterOne Towing


We know that a  small business like ours has to face lots of hurdles.  And one of the major hurdles would be grabbing attention of potential customers. To tackle that issue, a website plays a major role. The website should project a professional image that aligns with your brand, services, and a business model.

A nice, attractive, responsive website with a good layout and content will become a welcoming door for a potential client while no website or old website with poor content will block that door. And you might lose hundreds of those potential clients to your competitors who have modern website, but may or may not have better services like yours.

Building a new website is a major undertaking and requires careful thought and decision in respect of the content and functionality. It also must be sustainable with minimal risk in terms of upgrades, security and obsolescence. This is where SmallBusinessHelpDFW comes into play to build your strong web presence by creating a modern website.

Why do I need a Website ?
Online Brochure : A website act as an online brochure, or a business card that you can update instantly, and millions of people can view it across the world in a matter of seconds. You can update business information and hours, integrate social media, and can even have side by side direction navigation.

More customers:  If a potential client can access your business information anytime, it means there is a huge probability that he/she can become your customer.

Increase Business Reputation, Legitimacy, and Credibility : All of the above is true if you take a look at the market trends, and internet usage patterns of Millenials. You can use social medias like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram etc. and reviewing sites like Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, Zomato, tripadvisor etc to build positive influence on your business.

Hard working Employee: Your website will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be  your receptionist,  and a loyal employee who will never be tired, smiling and can serve thousands of customers at the same time, around the world.

Marketing Platform:  A website can be a marketing platform for your business. You can put various promotions, and  implement marketing strategy through your website. You can collect visitors data to set up future goals and strategy.

Local search : Your website will have a huge impact on local search. When a customer search for a specific product, or a  services locally, or even globally your website serves as a front door. A good SEO optimized website helps a business to get in front of a potential client. Modern website with a Integration of Google Map is very common nowadays.

Resource for your employees: You can use the website as a training platform,  or a communicating portal for your employees. They can read company policy, news, events, calendars and various other resources.

Depending on a business, a good website can implement other features like E Commerce ( to sell products and services ), Online appointment or Booking Systems ( For Spas & Salons), Online Check-in Systems, Online Ordering  Systems( For restaurants) etc.

How much a website Design cost ?

Short answer, our website package ranges $1500-$5000.

It all depends on what features are we implementing on your website. Is it just like a simple brochure with few pages or is it like a lead magnet that attracts visitors, ask them to contact you with a click of a button, is it integrated with all your social channels, does it has google analytics integrated to show you how many visitors came to your site, are we building a simple few pages website, or multiple pages e commerce website, does it has appointment scheduling system integrated etc.

Rather than the cost, we would like you to focus on how much of a value your new website would bring to you. When we build you a website, your website would be good for Forever. But, let’s give it a 10 year until you want to completely change it which  can bring the cost to around $1/day depend on your initial budget. With this amount, you will have a Modern, Web optimized, Mobile responsive, secure WordPress website working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you still think, you cannot afford a website, then you are missing a great opportunity to grow your business, and you will be losing prospective clients to your competitors who have a Modern Website. Call us, Email us and let’s talk, and we will come to a solution with Monthly Affordable Price or even Bartering (Exchanging) our services to each other 😉 We want you to Grow, so that we all can grow together, survive, and flourish our Small Businesses !

What other costs are involved in making a website :
There are some other costs involve to run a website which are as follows,

1. Domain registration :  ( if you do not own a domain name) which usually would be $10-$15 a Year .

2. Web Hosting :  This is where all your files, contents will reside and it typically comes down to $10-$15 a Month

3. Web Security and Maintenance Plan: This is the plan which will make sure that your website is running smoothly, sites is secured from hackers, malwares, backed up and regular update of your plugins and themes and is typically averages $50-$100 a Month

Don’t panick, Below you can find our own reliable web hosting, and web security plan in affordable price

Our Web Services:

Web Hosting:                                                                                                 $10/ Month or $100/Year   

-Free email accounts

-unlimited MySQL Database

-Servers on Three Continents

-SSD Storage

-Free CDN

-Premium SuperCacher all 3 levels

-Power Redundancy, Hardware Redundancy

-Fastest Server monitoring, Spam prevention

-24/7 Support,

-Free SSl Certificate


Website Security and Maintenance Plan:                                                             $50/ Month or $500/Year

-Updates and Optimization: WordPress themes & plugins monitored and updated, site cache cleared, and optimized.

-Protection and Security: website Firewall protection, Daily Scanning, Hackers & Spam protection

-Backups, and Restoration: Weekly website backup, On & Off-Site Backup

-Monthly Report: Monthly report of page views, site traffic details via Google Analytics

New Client Bonus: Free Update up to 1 Hour/month (For any minor changes of the site, updating of pictures, contents, features etc.)


E Commerce Plan:                                                                                                           $100/Month or $1000/Year


– We use Woocommerce for our E Commerce Service, it is a leading ecommerce platform which powers over 1 million online stores.

– It’s perfect for both startup online store, and million-dollar retailers at the same time.

-It’s user friendly, easy customization any time of day.

-It doesn’t have monthly payments for using its software, because it is Open Source.

– Adding more functionality in the future is a breeze because of it’s hundreds of Themes, and Plugins and it is mobile friendly.

-Many choices of payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe,, amazon Payments etc.

– Can put Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your products.

-PDF Invoices, and Packing Slips.

-Can use Follow Up Emails plugins that automatically goes out in a certain time.

-Powerful Analytics like sales by date, customer and products statistics etc.

Why Choose Us?
  • Local Business
  • Anytime Support, Phone calls, Face to face
  • Cross Business Promotions
  • Exceptional quality work
  • Discounted Rate, with Monthly plan (Most web Design agency wants full payment after project completion )
  • Free Training
  • Free Updates up to 1 hour/Month

Some Websites We Built

Our Other Services

Website Development

Our web design fort worth team are highly capable of any type of website you need. It will be all secure, fast, and mobile optimized.

Lead Generation

Our web design fort worth company is highly capable of bringing you new clients, generate more leads with our proven system. 

Customer Loyalty

We fort worth based agency has Customer Loyalty Programs that can be helpful in retaining your current clients, and attract new clients !

Reputation Management

Customer first look at your reviews before choosing you, how is your reviews across Internet, how Good or bad is your  Online Reputation ?


Search Engine Optimization is a method of making your website visible on search engines like Google, and Bing which is job of our web design fort worth experts.


As a business owner, sometimes we may not have time to answer in Facebook or Website. In this case Chatbots can be very useful

Business Listings

We will make sure about the correct business listings of your business in various platforms, and can help on managing those listings.


PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing is the method of getting instant results by using Google Adwords, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram Marketing. 



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