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Businesses of Viridian Residents

Please find the list of businesses owned by viridian residents. This is inspired by business owners of viridian residents, Facebook group by Keely Chatterton, “What’s going on around viridian, and the comment of Autumn Rose Reo, who said “Perhaps w can put these all in a document so we have a preferred list of viridian businesses to link to ? I know I’d love to be able to promote businesses in my neighborhood first before going into the community.” What a thought which inspired me instantly, and I sat to build this page.

We may not have lot of business owners to dedicate an entire site, so I am dedicating pages of my site to our neighbor businesses. If you want to list your business for free on this page, please contact me with the form below. Putting your business information is totally free as a viridian resident. If you have a website, I will pass a link juice with a do follow link if you also do the same thing for this page, so that we can be connected strongly into the web.