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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

Recently, we at came in contact with a large tour operator who regularly asked their customers to rate them in three areas using an NPS scale followed by an open text question to motivate the score.

After using this practice for a number of years, they had collected a huge dataset of responses. The problem they had started to see was that a large chunk of their responses (31% in fact) was non-informative and they asked us to take a look at how they could get something more useful from their hard-earned survey participants using our chatbot Hubert.

“I mean, if we are already bugging them to get their feedback, we should really give it our best efforts to extract something useful out of it.”

For example, this is a set of characteristic motivations from promoters who responded 9 or 10 in the NPS:

“Everything was OK”
“Exceeded my expectations”
“Everything was good”
“Good service”
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The same pattern, but reversed, is found in the detractors (0–6 ) motivations:

“All the has… Read More