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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

Travel Industry is notching up impressive growth thanks to the consumer’s penchant for traveling to new and unexplored places. Acquiring new customers while retaining the old ones is an arduous task for travel firms across the world who are dealing with evolving consumer behavior. The consumer is spending far more time on digital mediums such as websites, Social Media Channels. To increase revenues and notch new clients, businesses needs to tap the digital mediums and engage the prospects. Leveraging the tech is pretty much important for the travel firms to attract the customers who are digital-friendly and seek a seamless travel booking experience.

Chatbots helping travel firms acquire customers

Travel Firms are welcoming Chatbots to engage better with online visitors and turn prospects into leads. Chatbots are online 24/7 and can engage in personalized conversations with customers in their language. Visitors come on the website around the clock and hiring human resources to handle their queries and requests is an expensive task. Training and deploying human agents would be a time-consuming task for travel firms. Travel firms can train the chatbots to deal with regular consumer queries swiftly without any need for human help. Chatbots can handle multiple consumers at one time and answer repeated customer queries while transferring complex queries to human agents.

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