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You might have already known the importance of social media, lets’s go on other few details. Opening a social media account for a business is totally different than opening a social media account for an individual. You have to be very careful about what you do because now you are an entity and you will have your clients and followers.

For example, to open a Facebook Business account, you need to open an email address that represents your business, then you need to open an individual account as a person. Some people choose to open a Facebook business account through their personal account but we do not recommend that. And you finally open a Facebook Business account. Facebook, Google, and other companies use various channels to make sure you are the right company. Sometimes they send a postcard to your place of business to verify your company’s name, sometimes they just call on the landline phone number provided for a business. In short, if you never have done this, it might become quite a hassle, and we will take care of everything under a small charge

-One Social Media Account with content upload for one time: $50

-Two Social Media Accounts with content upload for one time: $80

-Three Social Media Accounts with content Upload for one time: $120, and so on.

Now you have opened your social media accounts, you have to constantly upload content to engage your clients. Without regular use of social media, your current followers will also stop following you. If you are too busy or if you have no idea what and how to post, we are here to help you for a small fee as below. We will choose the right time, the right word, the right follower, the right hashtag, the right content for your business

Daily post on 2 Social Media Accounts: 149/month

Five posts per week including Instagram: 199/Month

Note: We can also create custom plans based on your need!