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What is a Snapshot Report?

The Snapshot report is a peek into what your business looks like online and how customers see you. It shows you if your business can be found easily by your clients. It shows you if your business is listed correctly across various listing platform, if not what platforms your business is missing, is your NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number) consistent across those major listings sites ?

This $300 Snapshot Report also gives you score on your Business Listings, Reviews, Social Media implementation, Website, Search Engine Optimization, and Advertising sections for your business. It will give you actionable feedback so that you can improve your business’s online score and grow more Visitors, Clients, and Revenue.

Is your business listing accurate where it counts?
How do customers feel about your business?
What sites should your business be on?
How do you compare with industry standards?
Are your social media accounts effective?

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