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Get your News Release published on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & the CW affiliated media outlets.


Get Seen on major media outlets, and grow your revenue

A successful business should be visible  to millions of people through thousands of channels, and media. We write professional, search engine optimized press releases, and distribute it to our strong network of thousands of journalists across hundreds of media outlets.

Press release across these channels give your brand added authority in your industry, and your business will gain more trust, and visibility.

We guarantee to get your press release published on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox & CW affiliated media outlets.

Press Release establishes your brand as an AUTHORITY
Press Release builds CREDIBILITY with your potential clients
Press Release gains TRUST, hence increases conversions, and sales
Press Release boosts your company's VISIBILITY for extra exposure
Press Release helps in your website's SEO performance



If you want to grow your business, you need to stand out among your competitors. Press Release is one of the smartest solution for this need. Not many business owner know this, and it used to be very expensive, going for thousands of dollars.

We have now introduced press release service for small business owners in one tenth of that cost. We not only craft beautifully written professional press release, but also distribute it to major media networks, and also provide you with live links report.

Get cited in major media networks, and get more brand authority which results in more trusts in the eyes of your current, and potential customers. This leads to more leads, conversions, and sales – You will make more money.



We will write a professional press release for your business, and get it approved by you. You can have 3 revisions as your liking. 

Ww will distribute press release across our network of journalists, and media outlets

Your press release will get published on hundreds of premium media outlets

You will receive a pdf report with live links of your published press release




$199 Only

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Press Release. If you don’t find answer to your questions, you can always email us at and we will try to answer it within 24 hours, thank you

Who can benefit from Press Release

Any business that would like to get more exposure, and authority can benefit from press release. If you want to impress your prospects, and clients by adding “As Seen On” logos in your wesbite, brochures, and social media, then this is for you ! All Small business owners, mom and pop shops,  authors, car dealerships, locksmiths, speakers, day cares, spas, realtors, coaches, doctors, dentists, any professionals can benefit from extra exposure.

How does it work ?

Very simple

-You “Order Press Release” from button below

We will send you simple form where you can write about your business, website link etc.

– We will write professional press release within few days, and get it approved by you

-We then distribute and publish the release, send you pdf report within a week.

Can I see the Press Release before it goes out?

Of course, you are the Boss 😉 You must give us an approval before we submit to the outlets.

How do I know if it's published on those sites ?

We will send you a PDF Report with live links so that you can check everything

Will it be published on nations websites of major media ?

No, press release will be published on affiliate site of those major media. You can still use their texts, and logos and put “As seen on” on your channels, these sites have great authority like their parent sites.

Still I am not convinced ?

We are here not to convince you on buying our services, but to help you grow your local business. We can send you report of our past clients if that makes you feel comfortable. You can see how press release increases their authority in their market.

Can I see a sample report ?

Of course, just email us at

Do you provide Money Back Guarantee ?

Yes ! If we don’t publish your press release on above mentioned channels, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We cannot Refund money once it gets publishes.

Do you give Discounts ?

Yes, we will have promotional offers time to time. E-mail us for promotion if your business struggles because of COVID-19 Pandemic, happy to help !

Order Press Release

$199 Only