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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

SourceFirst things first

This days I’m working on Botio. An opinionated CLI to build and manage bots and their commands for different platforms among which is Telegram. And it’s from working on Botio that this article comes from.

I would also like to warm you that the code below may seem at first glance too simple and therefore disappoint a little. If that’s your case, I’m sorry. In this article I just want to lay the groundwork for future articles that (I hope) might interest you a bit more.

What is Telegram

If you’re reading this it’s quite possible that you know perfectly well what Telegram is. If you don’t know anything about Telegram I recommend you to check their website.

Basically, Telegram is a free messaging app with support for bots.

Most Popular Chatbot Tutorials1. AWS setup for Deep Learning2. Building a Successful Chatbot3. How to Integrate API.AI with Chatfuel4. Build a working SMS chat-bot in 10 minutesWhat is a Telegram bot

A bot (or chatbot in this case), is nothing more than a service (server) that after receiving a command (request), will perform some actions and then respond with another text message (response).

If my definition hasn’t made it clear to you, here is the Wikipedia to the rescue.

Why we would want to write a Telegram bot

A short and simple answer is because it’s funny to build one.

It is true t… Read More