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Key Takeaways from Google’s Meena Chatbot — Haptik Blog

This article has been penned by Swapan Rajdev, Co-Founder & CTO of Haptik

Chatbots and virtual assistants have been in the news in a big way for the past few days. The reason? One word: Meena.

In a research paper titled Towards an Open Domain Chatbot, Google presented Meena, a “conversational agent that can chat about…anything”.

According to the Google researchers’ who worked on the project, Meena stands in contrast to the majority of current chatbots, that tend to be highly specialized within a particular domain, and perform well as long as users do not stray too much from expected usage. Open-domain chatbots, on the other hand, theoretically have the ability to converse with a user about anything they want.

In practice, however, most current open-domain chatbots often simply do not make sense. At worst, they say things that are inconsistent with what has been said previously, or which indicate a lack of common sense or basic knowledge about the world. At best, they can say something like “I don’t know” — a sensible response to any query, but one which does not address the specific needs of the user.

This is the gap that Google aims to address with Meena, which they claim has come closer to simul… Read More