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How I Built My Very First Twitter Bot — That’s Surprisingly Enjoyable

When last semester’s started, I felt like I wasn’t enjoying my time in college much. As a Computer Science student, I was very concerned that I never really tried building something by my own. Instead, I was even eager to be in Twitter, scrolling down to news, and criticizing almost everything.*imC4uWXu6S5TUFgt.jpgliteral illustration of me working on every college assignment

But then I thought:

couldn’t I be eager both on what I like and what I studied to?

After questioning myself, I decided to try on creating a Twitter Bot that mix what I am passionate in:

1. Twitter,

2. Journalistic, and

3. Python Programming.

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I came across a really good bot once. Working as a bot that replied to a news account and summarize the news. Here’s the illustration of how the bot worked.

thanks Canva for the cute template

I found it very interesting because simply it:

1. avoid you from clicking on a click-bait news … Read More