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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

Let us break down exactly how approaches conversions via Conversational Advertising.

Marketers have been struggling with attribution and conversion tracking since Émile de Girardin ran the first print advertisement in the Parisian newspaper, Le Presse.

On average, marketers use six distinct channels to reach their audiences. Each disparate channel tracks performance differently, which hinders your ability to accurately attribute and track conversions. Whether programmatic display, SEO, or conversational marketing, accurately and efficiently tracking conversions such that it ensures your advertisers reap a healthy Return on Ad Spend, is paramount and difficult. is at the forefront of Conversational Advertising

At we have developed a number of strategies and best practices to combat the everlasting thorn in our side, conversion tracking. Rather than address the beast head-on, we took a Look Forward, Reason Backward approach.

We started with a goal: To accurately and efficiently track conversions across time and browser. The first step is to break down our goal into parts.

To accurately and efficiently track…

We want to low discrepancy between our numbers and yours at the lowest cost to our clients possible.


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