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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

A few things are more annoying in customer service than to have to repeat yourself. If you have a question and contact a hotel agent, you don’t want to be transferred to another agent only to have to explain everything AGAIN!

Can’t guest service be more unified?

Well, if it’s not easy for the guest, neither is it for hoteliers! With multiple travelers in multiple channels, it is hard to remember who-asked-what, where and when. The consequence of this chaos is damaged customer service and hotel reputation, stressed hotel staff, and frustrated guests.

But, don’t panic! Chatbots are here for your rescue!

They can save important data so you can provide the best service. They are also able to learn guests’ preferences so you can impress them even before their stay. Impressive, right?

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I know you think that a service provided by a chatbot is the opposite of personalized service. But here I will show that, in fact, chatbots are your best ally to enchant guests with top-class-exclusive guest service.

Customer service is the key to hotel success

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