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Price : $99


We have a small custom made device which has the size of a pen drive. It will be hooked into your TV or monitor and it will play all the pictures, Videos, announcements, menu or whatever you would like to keep on running.

You might be thinking that any smart TV nowadays with a pen drive can play pictures and videos. That’s what we used to thought and it did not work on our businesses. So we have to develop this system to run specifically for digital signage System. Some of the benefits of using our system is as follows.

  • It can play any format of pictures, or videos in a continuous loop, USB media won’t play like that
  • It can be turned into an independent Kiosk so that nobody can mess with it
  • You can upload your content into the system from anywhere, no need to take out the device or be near the system
  • You upload your content one time and it can play same thing in all of your Screens
  • 30 days Warranty, with Face to face training provided