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Toni is bringing the World Cup 2018 in Russia straight to every football fan’s Facebook Messenger. The bot entertains, informs and answers questions about the current and past World Cups!

** Live Score **
In a meeting? Traveling somewhere? Can’t watch the game? Users decide which match they want to follow intensly and Toni keeps them up to date about line-ups, goals, etc.

** Match Report **
Don’t have time to follow the game through the live score feature? Toni sends users a match report after the game, summing up the most important parts of the game.

** World Cup News **
Be the first one to receive breaking news. The bot sends out the most important news updates.

** Players **
Ask Toni about specific football players or a team’s line-up. He knows about them all.

** Teams **
Are you interested in a specific team? Subscribe to it and you will be notified when your favorite team is playing and get special team news every morning.

** Roundup **
Subscribe to the roundup and get an overview of the previous day’s results, that day’s matches and general World Cup or specific team news.

** Questions **
Ask questions about past World Cups or the current World Cup, fun facts, teams, games, etc. Toni knows how to answer them!

** Support, Menu & Help **
If something is unclear, there is always the Help Menu that guides users through the process and offers support by a human.

** Entertainment **
Last but not least, Toni knows how to have fun, too! Ask him for fun facts, jokes or a gif and he’ll be happy to entertain you!

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