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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.


Nowadays, using chatbot to grow business is becoming increasingly popular and grows continuously. For developers, building a bot sounds like an exciting challenge. But in reality, creating your own chatbot would make you spend hundreds of hours learning and putting together all the infrastructure and code required to get it up and running. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to build a chatbot using Botpress, an open source chatbot tool that enables developers to create bots very quickly.

According to their website, Botpress is an open-source, lightweight, developer-friendly, bot creation tool written in JavaScript with built-in language understanding (NLU), graphical interface which is equipped with graphical bot-building tools for non-technical users. With Botpress, developers get granular control over all functions and business users can design conversation flows.

It helps developers build, deploy, manage, and scale bots. It is open-source, and has a modular framework which enables developers to assemble bots from the collection of open-source, specialized modules.

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It is a complete platform that has all the tools you need to build, deploy and manage bots. Here are some of the components that are installed by default:

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