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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are all around the Internet now, learn more about it.

For what the business is? To serve the customers, of course! Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the business, therefore providing exceptional customer service is essential to win the trust. The provision of phenomenal service is achievable with the help of AI powered chatbots.

Why chatbots? They are mechanized by the artificial intelligence which means the chatbots have the capability to make the conversation style and the response mechanism like that of human terms.

So how does AI virtual assistant will improve the customer services in the businesses?

Customer service’s influence on business revenue

Deriving the facts from the Zendesk research, customer service do have an impact on the business — whether it is good or bad.

Why good customer service is necessary to deliver? 62% and 42% B2B and B2C respectively did more shopping because of the good customer service experience.In another situation, it is found that 66% B2B and 52% B2C did stopped purchasing the products because of the bad customer service experience. The above facts essentially states the importance of the customer service in the business. The complete brand value of the company is based on the customer satisfaction. There are certain pointers to consider, helping to measure th… Read More