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Our Portal


Thank you very much to all of our team for being here during 2075. We appreciate your hard work, and your loyalty. Since we do not have big group meetings, this is our portal for announcements. 

We are very COOL in terms of relationship with employees. You guys are not an employee of our salon, but a family to us. We both need each other in order to survive, so we always ask for better communication. If you are not happy with anything, talk to us. Do not talk to each other about your dissatisfaction, and create negative energy on our workspace. There is always a smarter way to solve any problem which is COMMUNICATION.



Very Important Rules

-Ear phones, Laptops, strictly NOT ALLOWED

-Watching videos not allowed as it slows our system, and impact your customer service

-Facebook, normal browsing is okay when no clients, in very slow hours of Mon, Tue, Wed only, and  out of client’s sights. Please do not misuse phone usage allowance as nobody allow use of cell phones in workplace.

-Go for  your lunch one by one, always be ready to serve clients when it’s your turn. If you must go out to grab lunch, please  do so when at least 3 people are working, and in very slow times, please check out, and check back in again even if it’s for 10 minute. Grabbing quick bite from our neigbor is okay.

-Please be on time, even a minute late is late, always leave home 15 minutes early to consider traffic, please arrive at least 5 minutes before salon opening hour. Take the client without rushing if they entered our door until closing time (7pm or 8pm).

-If you have to go home early, always let us know, do not just go assuming you have checked out from the system, we must know reason for it. If somebody is sick, and cannot work, just let us know, we will try our best to send them home, let’s not put us in trouble in authority’s eyes about mistreatment of employees.

-Listen to Owner/Manager/any co worker who advises you for the benefit of our salon’s overall performance. Let us know what we can do for the betterment of business, which of course will be beneficial to all of us in the long run.


Dress Code:

We have said in multiple occasions about our dress code, please follow these rules strictly. -Black pants, total plain black, only Jeans or Cottons, no Leggings

– Black polo shirt

– Black jackets or sweaters

– Tennis shoes

– Light makeup which must include  lipstick, moisturiser or whatever light cream suits you

– Hair must be tied up


You have worked Hard, we know that, but our RATING is going down which is not good for all of us. Out of 10 happy clients, less than 1 client write reviews while out of 10 unhappy clients, 6 will leave negative review, this is why our rating is going down, and we are doing following to save OUR job.

Professional, and Private Life

This is our suggestion, please do not mix your professional life, and private life. We all are from same community, so there is no harm to be friends. It’s good if we are friends, but limit that to your private life only. If you have some suggestions, recommendations that will make our business better, let us know. If you do not like something at the salon, or do not like some of your co worker, let us, we will try to fix it. If you have something to say to us, about work environment, your raise, your concerns, let us know, do not make it a gossip that can bring negativity in the salon. If one of your co worker is doing something that will make our business bad, please ask them not to do that, alert us. This is not owner’s business only, this is your business too. So as long as you are getting paid from this business, please treat this like your own, make Laxmi mata happy 😉

Treat your co worker  like you want to be treated, but professionally. Serve the clients turn by turn. If you have served 3 clients becuase that clients waited for you, give chance to your co workers to serve other 3 clients. If your co worker ask you to do many clients becuase she is busy in the phone, or doing homework, then say “No”, and remind them to be professional.

If you are confused on what is Right or Wrong, put yourself on our SHOE, think what is professionalism.

New Commissions Structure

It is your duty to convince clients for all the services we have. Your performance is crucial for your pay increase. Please convince clients for long services which benefit all of us in the long run including your wages.

10% commission services while serving single client  

Full face threading

Nose Waxing

Half leg, full leg

Full hand



Body waxing any, priced $20 and above

All facials

Henna tattoo, $20 and above

Eyebrow Tinting – $1


Eyelashes priced $25 and above : $5

Lash lift priced $50 and above: $10

Oil massage priced $30 and above: $5

Eyebrow Powder


If you are confused, don’t take commission, or ask us

If you Cannot Work ...

-If you cannot work for your scheduled days, always give us notice in advance so that we can arrange your substitute. We will try our best to give you off but if we cannot arrange your substitute, you must come to work unless it’s emergency. The example of emergency will be getting very sick, some sad news that can break you and so on. Valentine’s day, Birthday, Dashai, Tihar, Celebrations, somebody else’s marriage etc is not an excuse . As said earlier if you want leave for any reasons give us plenty of time, at least a week, we will try our best to make you happy, if we can’t then you should be working your schedule. Also please remember Newrain Didi is not an backup unless EMERGENCY

-Whoever is off on certain days, please pick up hours from your co workers who cannot work for their reasons. This way, you can get off on your scheduled days when needed ! Live your life, but be flexible when situation arise, emergencies can happen to enybody !

Customer is Always Right
  • Please treat each and every customer with respect, and give them your best customer service including the service for which they are coming. There are so many salons in every corner now, and more are popping up, give them enough reasons why should they be coming to Newrain Eyebrow.

    We know, some customers are difficult to handle, but not IMPOSSIBLE. If you think you cannot handle some customer, ask them nicely that another co worker/manager will assist them. Read their facial expression, tone, why they are not happy. If they are not happy with the service, apologize them, and give them free service that they can redeem for next time. If you have to give something for FREE, always consult the Manager or somebody who is senior than you. Try to avoid giving them CASH Refund if possible, take their name, phone number and we will refund them with another free service. If you think this will make the matter worst, then you can do refund in CASH.

We all Love TIPS !

We all love TIPS, don’t we ? Of course making good money through tip is good for all of us but let’s not ruin a customer experience according to their tip.Our profession should not be tip oriented, it should be client oriented. If you received tip or not from a client, treat them with same respect and give them same customer service. If a customer do not tip you, there might be various reasons, first of all did they receive extra customer service for you, whatever price they paid for their service, they should get best service from you, to leave a tip, client should be extra happy, feel wow, and have to say that this is the reason to come to us, wants to get your name , even if they have they wow moment sometime they can’t leave you tip because they may not have extra money, they are saving for more important thing, they are not costumed in leaving tip  and so on. Remember whether a customer leave you tip or no tip, we have to be satisfied that they choose us so that we can have our job.

And yes, be positive, be nice to every customer, you will get TIPS whether it’s one location, or the other, one client or the other, weekdays, or weekend.

I also checked how much you guys are taking money in Tips, and Commissions in both salons. Each one of you is getting at least 10-30 % of your sales, not including your Cash Tips. So let’s say you get the minimum of 10 % plus 5% of cash tips, you are making 15%  minimum extra income beside salary, and we think this is great because we are paying you competitive salary too. Please do not bring negative vibe about TIPS if you don’t make good tip in a single day or some days, calculate the total amount in month. If you still think, you are not making good tips, then ask us the REPORT, and give us reason, we will happily add you TIP from our pocket . But please give customer service, and work happily which will bring you fortune eventually !

Please STOP listening to what others say, you guys are our family, and we love to keep everyone happy. Give us positive feedback on what can we do, bring us more business, and follow these directions, you will get raised according to that. Just by doing eyebrow threading in $5, we cannot survive ! 

Your Customer Loves You

When a customer likes your service, they will be happy, and they will ask your name, they will ask your schedule right …? Well, that’s a very good thing, and we appreciate that the customer loves you. You can give your name, and your schedule to that customer, verbally. But before that please let them know that “everybody is good here in our salon. You can go to any of us, and you won’t regret.” If every one of you do this, you will get each other’s clients too right ..? Let the customer come to us because of Newrain Team, not for one or two of you. Each new client come here because of our business name, the collective performance of each one of you. Please do not take this personally, but professionally where each and every one of us benefit from it. We have couple of incidents of loosing many clients becuase that client sticks to one or two employees, and never try another, we hope this team will not repeat it.

Ask every Happy clients for Feedback

For a long time  we had policy, not to ask for reviews, now TIME has CHANGED, and we have to SURVIVE, we will still follow the protocol but implement new strategy.

Please ASK for feedback, not Review to each, and every customer now, there are many techniques to ask them nicely. Do not ask them as if you are serving clients just for their reviews. And DO NOT OFFER something for the review because it’s like bribing, and it violates review policy.

The best way to ask for feedback is giving them Best service, and communicating them in following ways, use your own method but here are some techniques.

-Welcome each and every client in the salon by being on the door/check in computer and helping them checking in. If there is a receptionist available or If you are busy checking out customer in the reception then you do not have to go towards the door, but you welcome them by saying things like “ Hello welcome to newrain eyebrow, please check in there, I will be right with you…” If the client is regular, they will check in, but if they seem to be new or are lost, let them know that you will be right there after checking out your current clients.

Make Conversations on your comfort level

Make conversations on the level you feel comfort. For example you can say things like “ do you know that we have awesome special going on Today, if you get your eyebrow tinting, you will get Upper lip free which is the saving of extra $5 dollars” Let them know our specials according to the specials mentioned on the blackboard. Or you can always try something like this “have you done Brazilian Waxing/Facials”, if it’s your first time you will get Free Under Arms Waxing which is discount of $10 and our Brazilian waxing prices are cheapest and best in the town, price and quality guaranteed” It’s like a GAME, read their EXPRESSION, some people just prefer “ Hello how are you today, do their service, and “is everything alright” and “Thank you for coming, have a nice day” while some people need more communication, judge yourself.

While checking out, think like you are the owner of the place, for whom each and every client matters. Start like this “ Hello ma’am/sir, how are you , is everything okay ? Are you happy with the service ?” Read their Face and figure out if they are really happy, feeling alright, or not feeling good about the service and have conversation like this , you don’t have to copy word by word, but please get the sense.

If the customer is feeling happy: I am glad that you like our service, is this your first time or you are regular here?

-If the client is first time customer : we are glad that you chose to come to us, how did you find about us..?  and write down on our daily paper how they come to us, i.e google, facebook, yelp, friends, family etc

You can get more conversation going on if nobody is in line, and if client is not in hurry

DO you know that you can can get $2 discount if you check in into Yelp or Facebook ?

This time you can also talk about Today’s specials , other specials that we have mentioned earlier


These are the clients with whom you ask for FEEDBACK. You may think, we do not have time to perform all of the mentioned techniques, you are right, so use whichever makes you comfortable, but try to get hang of asking feedback with happy customers with following techniques

“Do you use Yelp, Google or Facebook?” Your feedback means a lot to us, and it will help our business, we can hire best technician, and give better customer service in affordable price”

If the customer is feeling okay: It looks like you are not that happy about our service today, is that right ? Please let me know and we will try to fix it.

Listen to the client properly and try to fix it, let the Managers on the day know about it, and if nothing seems to be working, call Newrain. Bottomline : Send them Happy or give them FREE if it can’t be fixed, but always consult with the manager before giving them free.

If the customer is not feeling happy

Same thing as above but focusing on we will try to fix it, if not we will refund your money. Sometimes client just want free service, so they may show that they are not happy, sometime eyebrows were already messed up in other salons and we can’t fix it totally, and client will not be happy, in that case we can’t refund them money but give them good suggestions on growing the hair back, using oil to grow their hair faster etc, so always consult the Manager in this case.


Your Services are FREE, but......

Unlike other places, we do not give you 20 or 30 % discount on your services, we will give you FREE services. But please consider that we have expenses on our products.

Please do not get your Waxing, or Facial services while you are working. If it’s a very slow time, and if 3 people are working, quick threading may be fine, but always do long Waxing or Facial services only after hours, or in your off day.

Always ask us before you do those services, your services will be FREE, but please consider the price of products used. 

Receptionist will get discounts on services, but not FREE services, charge them 50 % on waxing and 75 % on Facials.

Family, and Friends will get upto 30 % discounts, please ask us before serving them



You: Hey Maggie, do you use Yelp

Maggie: no

You: oh really, what about Facebook, or google

Maggie: I have gmail

You: Perfect, so you have been coming to us, and liked our service right ? Why don’t you give us feedback, it really helps us


Maggie scenario one: yes, I can do that, but I don’t know how to do it

You; It’s really simple, and takes less than 30 second, just scan your phone here ( scan on our review barcode, it will pop up review site, and help them through the process)


Maggie scenario two:I can do it, but I will do it later, I am in hurry

You: Not a problem, thank you for coming to us, here take this card, and scan this barcode, you will be done in less than 30 second, and it helps us so BIG


Maggie Scenario Three: I don’t want to do that, I like you guys but I don’t review

You; That’s totally fine, I understand. We are happy that you chose us